AGILE projects

An overview of AGILE's current work project and project officers

BGS falls and bone health committee

Chris Tucker

The objectives of the committee are:

  • Draw together, identify and coordinate expertise and interest in the field of falls and bone health amongst members of the Society
  • Provide an informal forum to present clinical work and research
  • Promote, by interchange of ideas, research of high quality and so indirectly assist the group to acquire financial support for studies in falls and bone health
  • Improve the quality of care for older people at risk of falls and fractures
  • Act as a focus for multidisciplinary interest and expertise on fall prevention and bone health and to interface with other relevant organisations
  • In certain circumstances, to act through the membership as a coordinating group for larger scale multi-centre studies, either by providing a network for an existing member or department, or less frequently, by mounting a centrally organised exercise.

National Projects Officer for Parkinson’s Disease

Bhanu Ramaswamy


Fiona Lindop



Several projects are underway involving or led by Fiona and Bhanu

  • Physiotherapy representation on the NICE guidelines and Quality Standards
  • Parkinson's Excellence Network
  • National exercise framework (Parkinson's Excellence Network and Parkinson's UK
  • National Parkinson's audit
  • Lewy Body Dementia Specialist Advisory Committee



Janet Thomas

UK representative of International Association of Physiotherapists working with Older People (IPTOP)  


Mel Chamber

Supporting AGILE members feedback to NICE guidelines during consultations

National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC)


This project is collaboration between the BGS and the NHS Benchmarking Network.