AGILE committee

Details of the current National Committee of AGILE.


Committee roles and current post-holders

Brian Dolan




  • An invited member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of AGILE (and appointed by this committee) to help influence the implementation of the strategic direction of the organisation.

Rhian Milton-Cole




  • To be the elected representative of AGILE and play a strategic role in representing the vision and purpose of the network.
  • To ensure AGILE activities are aligned to and support improvements in the quality of physiotherapeutic care for older people.

  • To ensure continued links with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

  • To provide overarching professional and clinical leadership of AGILE.

Claire O'Connell




  • To work closely with, and support, the Chair.
  • To have the opportunity of learning the basic principles of becoming the Chair for this voluntary group during their period of office.

Daisy de Meester




  • To provide administrative support to the NEC, especially to the Chair.
  • To keep the Chair and NEC informed of important/relevant matters and developments.
  • To provide administrative support at the NEC meetings.

Millie Hansen

Sarah Shutt



  • To maintain a database of current AGILE members with the support of the Admin Support Officer.
  • With the Admin Support Officer create a list of members when required for the purposes of this Professional Network i.e. Updating Regional Reps with local members details.  


Rachel Jackson

Ritu Karlekar


  • To effectively manage the finances of AGILE.

Kyla Sinclair

Bethany Carey



  • To act as the lead for AGILE communications to promote the AGILE brand and engage with our members and key stakeholders using media forums including Twitter, the AGILE website and newsletter    


Beth Denny

Emily Taylor


  • To produce 'AGILITY', AGILE'S journal, twice a year.

Danielle Pendry-Brazier




  • To promote research activity within the membership of AGILE.

Louise Egan

Verity Stone



  • To organise the nationally arranged AGILE learning events.


Katie Faulkner




Stephanie Cheng



  • To act as the student representative for AGILE to ensure a student voice within the work of AGILE and promote the work of AGILE to the student community.

Amy Corfield

Simon van Dalen



  • To support the NEC to prioritise equality, diversity, and belonging within the work of AGILE
  • To role model inclusive behaviours and practices such that AGILE members feel valued for their differences,embrace the differences in others and thereby enable older people and their carers to flourish.




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