Strength & Balance Exercise Programme Referral

AGILE & Later Life Training endorsed Referral Forms & Guidance

AGILE, working in collaboration with Later Life Training, have produced a Referral
Form that provides vital information to/from physiotherapists and exercise professionals (those who lead FaME and Otago exercise programmes) to support decision making in relation to:

  • suitability of programmes (i.e. when to offer/refer to FaME versus Otago exercise programmes)
  • initial exercise prescription
  • ongoing progression and tailoring of exercises for individuals and scope of practice.

The provision of this information better supports transitions from health to community providers and/or local authority/leisure services and further supports partnership working across the falls prevention care pathway such that individuals most likely to benefit from strength and balance training do so through effective exercise progression and sustained access to evidence based programmes which allow them to maintain (and further improve upon) the gains made in shorter term NHS funded/physiotherapy led interventions.

The Referral Form, the Short Referral Formal and the Guidance on using these (for therapy and for exercise professionals) should help build trusted relationships and increase the understanding of both professions (both with a remit of exercise delivery).

Just as not all therapists are the same, not all exercise instructors are the same and not all exercise has the same outcomes for falls prevention. Partnership working is key for better outcomes for older people at risk of falls, ensuring the right exercise at the right time, supported by the right professional.

Feedback is important and we will review the referral forms again in receive will be
collating feedback on the use of these and will likely update in Spring 2023. Please
share any feedback having used the referral form and the associated guidance in
practice via