Did you know that as a member of AGILE, you are also a member of IPTOP?

An opportunity has arisen for a UK member of IPTOP to join their committee as Communications officer.
Please find details about the role below and if you want any further information or are interested in applying please contact Janet Thomas (IPTOP Secretary) at secretary@iptop-physio.org

Communication Officer

1. Outline

The Communication Officer is responsible for the Newsletter, the Website and the implementation of the IPTOP Communication Plan.


2. Requirements

The Communication Officer will:

●        Be a current member of IPTOP

●        Have a track record of working with older people

●        Have an appreciation of the political and cultural challenges of international work

●        Have an appreciation of current communication and wider media methods

●        Have exceptional diplomatic and communication skills

●        Maintain a working email address (preferably the IPTOP provided email address)   

●        Generally be able to respond to member and officer queries within one week.

English is the World Physiotherapy language, so fluency in written and spoken English is required.


3. Role

3.1 To be an active participant on the Executive Committee.

3.2 To be responsible for development, implementation and compliance with the IPTOP Communication Plan

3.3 To lead a Communications Committee to support communications efforts on behalf of IPTOP

3.4 To attend Executive Committee meetings and assist in communication decisions that need to be made as well as participating in the general running of the Association


3.5 To receive any queries regarding communication for IPTOP.


3.6 Provide a report to each meeting of the Executive Committee and an annual update of the Communication plan to IPTOP


4. Application

Nominated by and seconded by members prior to the general meeting accompanied by written sponsorship by their parent SIG organisation. Elected by voting members at the General Meeting.

5. Terms of office

5.1 The individual will be elected to serve a fixed term of office.


5.2 This term of office in the first instance will be four years and will not exceed eight years.

5.3 The term of office should commence after appointment at a general meeting and run in parallel to that of the Executive. Should there be a delay in appointment, the term will be reduced accordingly.


5.4 Should the nominated person be unable to fulfil their duties then the remaining members of the IPTOP Executive Committee will formally advise the IPTOP President.


5.5 In addition the Communication Officer will stay in office 6 months after the end of their agreed term of office to facilitate as smooth transition for the incoming Communications Officer


6. Funding

All elected posts within IPTOP are self-funded. Expenses related to the IPTOP Communications Officer activities will be available, after approval from the EC.


7. Objective Performance Measures

·         Responsible for recruitment of 2-4 volunteers to form a Communications Committee

·         Lead the Communications Committee in development and execution of the Newsletter, Website, IPTOP Communication Plan and associated social media activities.

·         Review the Communication Plan annually.

·         Ensure the IPTOP Website is reviewed monthly and regularly kept updated with new content.

·         The Communication Plan will contain a budget which is agreed with the EC

Date of JD

Reviewed June 2022

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