AGILE regional information

This page provides details for each of the AGILE regional committees.

Please use the linked regional map below (or browse further down this page) for contact details.


East region

North region

Northern Ireland



West region


East Region -


Laura Cook

Committee members


Pam Couchman


Claire Betts

Regional Representative

Claire Betts / Laura Cook

Link members

Sandra Pereira da Silva, Vicky Kershaw, Josie Armour, Michelle Herbert.

Bryony Phillips (Oxford)

Bhanu Ramaswamy (Sheffield)

Lynn Bakewell (Derby)

Linda Little (Farnham, Surrey)

Jane Doherty (Guildford Surrey)

Adrian Vyse (Hertford)

Sophie Stubbings (Essex)

North Region -

Regional Reps:

Lynn Sutcliffe

Jennie Bailey


Lynn Sutcliffe

Membership Secretary & Diversity Officer

Jennie Bailey

Committee Members

Jackie Hemsley - Northallerton

Vicky Johnston - Whitehaven

Louise Buttery - Whitehaven

Jennie Bailey - Sunderland

Sarah De Biase - Leeds / Bradford

Northern Ireland -

Chair and Regional Rep

Chair: Cathy McKeown                            Regional Rep:Lisa Hughes

SecretaryMary Kennedy

Programme Secretary

Lisa Hughes

Membership secretaryMartina McGovern
Hon TreasSorcha McGaughey

Course committee

Jenny Lockett


Cathy McKeown, Lisa Hughes, Martina McGovern Gail McMillan, Sorcha McGaughey, Jenny Lockett, Mary Kennedy, Orlaith Talty

Scotland -

Regional Representatives:

David Hegarty

Lothian borders link

Grampian Highlands/Islands LinkKirsty Gauld

Treasurer and Glasgow /Clyde link

Jennifer Clark

Ayrshire/Arran Link


Dumfries & Galloway link

Katie Begg

Chair and FifeTayside/ Central Link

Janet Thomas

Wales -

Region currently inactive

West Region -


Charlotte Tucker

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