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AGILE publications and resources

On this page you will find downloadable AGILE publications and online resources.

Please note that we no longer have print publications or CDs for sale.

Online AGILE Resources

AGILE's Parkinson's Disease Resource

Downloadable AGILE Publications

Falls guidelines 2012

AGILE revised and updated their Falls Guidelines in 2012 to provide a physiotherapy focused summary of the current evidence and to supplement Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and AGILE Standards of Practice.

Download the Guidelines for the Physiotherapy management of older people at risk of falling (2012)


Standards of practice: AGILE supplementary paper ** Revised 2013**

Download a copy of the Standards of practice supplementary paper


Standards of Practice: IPTOP Standards of Clinical Practice 2013

AGILE members can download a copy of the IPTOP Standards of Clinical Practice

Downloadable sections of the AGILE exercise and outcome measures manuals 

(members only access)

Exercise Manual

Exercise manual: Introduction

Exercise manual: Amputee

Exercise manual: Continence

Exercise manual: Exercise for Bone Health

Exercise manual: FaME programme (not available for download due to file size restrictions)

Exercise manual: FICSIT programme (not available for download due to file size restrictions)

Exercise manual: OA knee management

Exercise manual: Otago programme

Exercise manual: Parkinsons

Exercise manual: Vestibular rehabilitation **New for 2013**

Outcome Measures Manual

Outcome measures manual: Introduction

Outcome measures manual : Berg Balance Scale

Outcome measures manual: Dementia Quality of Life measures

Outcome measures manual: EMS (Revised 2012)

Outcome measures manual: FES - I

Outcome measures manual: Functional reach

Outcome measures manual: OA knee

Outcome measures manual: POAM

Outcome measures manual: Quality of life measures

Outcome measures manual: Shoulder measures

Outcome measures manual: TUAG

Outcome measures manual: Turn180

Outcome measures manual: 4 square step test