Collaboration Statement: Later Life Training ,AGILE and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science

Later Life Training AGILE and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science are leading bodies for education, research and professional practice in exercise and physical activity for older people and recognise they need to work in partnership to improve the quality and effectiveness of exercise pathways for older people.

This attached collaborative statement has been jointly written  to outline their intent to work more closely together to optimise exercise provision for older people. Strength and balance exercise pathways designed to reduce falls and fractures in populations of older people will be used in this statement to help articulate the value added by collaborative working.

AGILE hopes that the collaboration will benefit our members by providing consistency in relation to role differentiation, training requirements for both PTs and exs professionals to be competent to work in this area but also, inform strategic level dialogue to drive exercise care pathway development which incorporates clear roles, use of exercise professionals to help meet demand and the evidence base and do so with value for money in mind without compromising on quality as the vision is right care right (exs) professional at the right time.


You can read the statement Here

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