Register for the 2019 UK Parkinson’s Audit

On 18 February, registration opens for the 2019 UK Parkinson’s Audit: the recognised quality improvement tool for Parkinson’s. Register before 31 March 2019 byvisiting

The Audit is an opportunity to involve your service in a recognised continuous improvement cycle, and be part of a larger Parkinson’s community committed to service quality. With streamlined questions and a new, easy online data collection tool, taking part is easier than ever before.

"Taking part in the Audit gives a tremendous opportunity to develop your service and practice to ensure that people with Parkinson's are getting the best evidence-based physiotherapy intervention. It also opens doors to great incentives such as service improvement grants and other support to help you develop your service further. There is plenty of time for collecting the data once the audit opens, and with the new online data collection tool, it really is easy to input your data! Sign up before 31 March!"

Fiona Lindop, Specialist Physiotherapist - University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust and UK Parkinson’s Audit Physiotherapy lead

Getting started

To be eligible to take part, your physiotherapy service only needs to collect data from a minimum of ten patient cases. Information can be collected during Parkinson’s assessment, review or intervention from 1 May to 30 September - the five-month data collection period. 

The Audit is also open to elderly care and neurology consultants, Parkinson’s nurses, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

Support and service improvement

Parkinson’s UK can support you with the quick and easy Audit registration process. There may also be in-house support available to help you participate in the Audit, which is listed in the 2019-20 HQIP Quality Accounts.

Audit evidence can be used to build business cases and attract service improvement funding. All services receive an Individual Service Report benchmarking their data against UK-wide results, along with dedicated support to develop and deliver service improvement plans, as part of the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network offer.

UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network

The audit forms an integral part of the Excellence Network, the one-stop-shop for Parkinson’s education, collaboration, evidence and resources to drive forward service improvement.


For further details and a link to the on-line registration form go to, or contact The deadline for registration is 31 March 2019.


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