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Aim: To provide physiotherapists an opportunity to improve clinical practice skills using the updated Strong, Steady & Straight guidelines from the Royal Osteoporosis Society to assist in decision-making when working with people with Osteoporosis

Facilitator: Professor Dawn Skelton. BSC PHD MD.H.C. HON FCSP FRCP EDIN

Session summary: Dawn Skelton was the Chair of the recent Expert Statement on Exercise and Osteoporosis. This session will describe the evidence base and consensus process for the Strong, Steady & Straight Statement from the Royal Osteoporosis Society. It will cover the importance of progressive strength training, impact and falls prevention exercise to improve bone strength and reduce falls risk, and discuss the importance of exercise to ‘care’ for the spine including techniques for moving and lifting and for posture and pain following vertebral fractures. There will be practical examples throughout so wear appropriate clothing.