AGILE Bursaries & Grants

AGILE offers two sources of funding to it's members:

1.  'Education Fund': members can apply for bursaries to support relevant study.

2.  Service development / research support

3. Funding through IPTOP

Details of the awards and how to apply for them can be found below.

AGILE Research Grant

Research Funding

AGILE an offer support for our members conducting research or service development. We can assist with dissemination, such as poster printing and promoting reasearch to our members.

Please contact AGILE Research Officer for further information

AGILE Education Fund

Each year £1200 from AGILE income will be placed in a 'Research and Education Fund'.  

The following conditions apply:

  • Applicants will have been a member of AGILE for at least two years.
  • The research/conference/course for which funding is being sought must be shown to be linked to physiotherapy with the older person.
  • Applications for the award should be in writing to the Treasurer. The application form requires detailed information of the research/conference/course including references. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all of the required information is provided to avoid any delay in the decision making process.
  • Following receipt of the application, the request will be considered at the subsequent National Executive Committee. These are currently held three times a year.
  • The National Executive Committee reserves the right to: decide the recipient(s) of the award, consider the merit of each application, determine the level of the award and consider what should happen if a recipient does not undertake or complete the research for which funding has been given.
  • The Education and Research award is to be a standing item on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Any work produced as a result of the research or course will acknowledge the financial assistance from AGILE.
  • Recipients of the funding will be asked to produce an article for AGILITY and may be asked to present at the annual conference on completion of their work/course.
  • In the event of the full sum allocated not being utilised this will be forwarded to the following year.
  • On completion of the research project, a report will be produced by the recipient for the AGILE committee.

How to apply

The AGILE Education and Research Fund is open to all members. To apply please read the conditions above and if you feel that your need qualifies for funding please download the application form (Word doc- 34kb) below and complete and return it to:

Please note: to download the form you need to be an AGILE member and you need to login to the site.

Regional funds

Your Region may also have access to funds, please enquire via your Regional Representative.  See 'Regions' page for their contact details.


IPTOP funds

IPTOP reasearch grants and educational scholarships are also avalible. Please attached for information.

IPTOP contact details: