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AGILE projects

An overview of AGILE's current work programme and planned intitiatives.

BGS Falls and Bone Health Committee

Vicki Goodwin

File 102751

Involves policy documents/reports, adjudicating conference abstracts and getting involved in organising the annual conference, and updating the Blue Book (best practice for hip fracture). Vicki is currently chair of the committee.

National Projects Officer for Parkinson’s Disease

Bhanu Ramaswamy

File 103135


Fiona Lindop

File 103136


Several projects are underway involving BR and FL as Parkinson’s Project Officers for AGILE and also for ACPIN. These include:

1. The development of the ‘European Guidelines for physiotherapists working with Parkinson’s. BR and FL represent the CSP (co-ordinated through Ralph Hammond and Ann Moore) involving member organisations of the participating European Region organisations of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (ER-WCPT) being led by the Dutch team who provided the first guidelines.

2. FL is the representative for the development of the Guidelines for, and the pilot Audit tool based on the NICE guidelines for Parkinson’s.

3. FL is representing physiotherapy as a member of the newly established Clinical Advisory Panel for Parkinson’s UK; she is the only physiotherapist on this group which is a major achievement and AGILE are proud to have her as a representative.

4. FL and BR are developing the next supplement to the Outcome Measures Manual on outcome measures of use by physiotherapists working with people who have Parkinson’s.



Janet Thomas

File 103133

UK representative of International Association of Physiotherapists working with Older People (IPTOP)  and also the new IPTOP website designer. Jill McClintock is IPTOPs Vice Chair

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Year of Care Committee

Fiona Lindop

File 103136

involves trying to set criteria for stages of and management of PSP. Fiona is the only physio rep on this project

iCSP Older People Network Facilitators

Jolly Barrow

Janet Thomas

Vicky Johnston

To moderate and facilitate items on the iCSP Older People Network which is owned by AGILE

Public Health England Project

Sarah Di Biase


Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party-RCP

Louise MacGregor

File 124806

Lou Briggs is currently involved in revising and updating the physiotherapy rehabilitation guidelines along with ACPIN and CSP representatives. This has involved critical review of papers with formulation of evidence tables and amending the current recommendations

RCP Falls and Bone Health Audit

Julie Whitney


AGILE representative on the RCP FABH audit steering group

National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC)

Vicky Paynter

File 102832

This project is collaboration between the BGS and the NHS Benchmarking Network.

Acute Frailty Network

Lou MacGregor

File 124806


Older People's Leaflet - CSP Saga Collaboration